Get to Know: CounterSketch® Summer 2017 Update

The latest version of CounterSketch will begin going out to all users with an active support contract July 11th 2017.
Learn about the new features and interface with the following steps:

Step 1: Watch Summer 2017 CounterSketch Conversion Webinar

This informative webinar hosted by Heather Kutzman covers all of the new features in this version of CounterSketch.

Step 2: Opt in for Early Access*

  • Launch CounterSketch > Click on the Main Menu (round icon, top left) > Help > About CounterSketch.
  • Make note of your KeyID and e-mail that number, along with your request for early access to

*Only accounts with a current Upgrade and Support membership are eligible. Click here to renew your membership

Step 3: Sign up for a free month of CounterSketch Academy training

  • Sign up using CounterSketch Academy access code: cspreview2 for free training on all the new features throughout the month of July.

CounterSketch – New Features and Update

Announcement from Douglas S. Menefee • June 26, 2017

It has been a little over 6 months since joining Stuller and I continue to be amazed by the pace of which the Gemvision team delivers new and innovative solutions for jewelers around the world. In April, Gemvision’s software developers released Matrix 9, Clayoo 2.5, and Clayoo for Matrix. This was a major milestone for the company, as it was the first time solutions were deployed to our customers through tighter integration of our Barcelona and US based software teams.

In early May a beta version of CounterSketch was deployed to a broad range of customers to provide us with feedback on the product. To keep the momentum moving in advance of JCK we celebrated the release of RhinoGold 6.5 in mid-June. This gave us the opportunity to showcase all of the most recent releases to hundreds of customers which attended JCK in Las Vegas. While attending JCK earlier this month, I had the privilege of visiting with dozens of Gemvision and Stuller customers. There were several reoccurring themes which seemed to repeat themselves in our conversations. The most prominent theme centered on how our digital solutions help Jewelers transition a customer from the “case” to the “screen” where they have access to the latest trends and what seems like and endless inventory which is continually updated. Of note was how customers which leverage CounterSketch and’s Showcase alongside the ever&ever prototype kit seem to be seeing the most rapid return on their investments by being able to start conversations with a physical piece of jewelry, then transition to the digital experience on the screen.

If the customization is as simple as changing the center stone shape, size, and metal quality they may opt to use the 3C experience on Most find the customers want a greater level of customization and transition into CounterSketch where they can deliver a much greater level of customization. Two other themes which emerged specific to CounterSketch revolved around being able to personalize and brand the CounterSketch application to better match the store’s style and how much value Freehand has brought to them. It was fantastic to be able to have customer’s reinforce key components which are ready to be embraced by our latest release of CounterSketch.

Today, I’m excited to announce how customers can gain early access to the new features and functions of CounterSketch which have been developed to support the digital jeweler meet their customization demands. The new tools will allow customers make CounterSketch their own and still have the freedom to design utilizing new freehand features. The new functionality of the application includes:

  • Start Screen Customization (Personalize the look and feel of CS to represent your brand)
  • New Showcase Search (Use search to rapidly filter through thousands of models)
  • New and Enhance Freehand Tools (New models and greater functionality based on CAM standards)
  • Seamless Mark-up Strategy (Configure CS to use your profile for Mark-up)
  • Open a 3C Model in CounterSketch (Coming soon)

Recognizing the product development team made some significant changes to CounterSketch’s user interface and search function don’t want to catch customers off-guard. To assist customers learn more about the latest release, we have made the CounterSketch Academy available at no charge to existing customers through July 30th, 2017. Additionally, our Solutions Product Manager, Heather Kutzman, will be holding a series of Webinars which will walk through new functionality and user interface changes.

All CounterSketch customers which are current with their annual membership fees will automatically receive the update on July 7, 2017. Those customers who want to gain access to the release before this date can opt-in to the early release by simply sending an email to In the email please let us know you want early access to CounterSketch and provide your four digit key(s).

To find your four digit key:

  • >> Start CounterSketch and go to the start button in the upper left corner of the application
  • >> Select Help and About CounterSketch Studio
  • >> A box will appear on thescreen with a four digit key.

As I’ve said before, the past seven months have been a lot like drinking from a firehose for me and I remain humbled to be part of such an amazing organization. From where I sit today, I see tremendous opportunity to better align our solutions around the needs of current and future customers. Over the next few months we are going to make organizational changes, better define our product roadmap, broaden our portfolio of solutions, and enhance processes and collaboration with Stuller Product Managers to improve customer experience and reduce unnecessary complexity.

If at any time you have any concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the Gemvision team!

Douglas S. Menefee
VP of Business Solutions

New Matrix and Clayoo Software and a Global Approach to Serving You

Announcement from Douglas S. Menefee • April 6, 2017

I joined Stuller as the Vice President of Business Solutions in December of 2016, focusing initially on our software products and teams. As part of my onboarding, I was asked to observe and learn the operation of the organization for 90 days without taking any action. During the first few weeks of what I affectionately called “purgatory,” I was able to experience the demands put on Stuller by our loyal customer base, during the holiday season. It is truly a one of a kind operation.

In parallel to Stuller fulfilling the needs of thousands of jewelry retailers and artisans, I began learning about the software companies Stuller had acquired, Gemvision in Davenport, IA and TDM Solutions in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout the first three months of my journey I began to understand the history of all of the companies and products and noted opportunities which began to emerge. As we continue to unify teams, we can truly build the best solutions for our users. Our roadmap calls for tighter integration of CounterSketch, Matrix,, Clayoo, and RhinoGold. As is typical with most company acquisitions, bringing all of the companies together is easier said than done, but our mission is clear: to combine our talents across all of our locations.

Our unified team has members at these locations:

  • A small office in Bettendorf, IA
  • A larger office in Barcelona, Spain
  • Subject matter expertise in North Carolina
  • The main headquarters inside Stuller in Lafayette, LA

This week, our consolidated team is proud to announce some major milestones:

  • The release of a new version of Matrix software – Matrix 9.0
  • The release of a new version of Clayoo software – Clayoo 2.5

Initially released in 2001, Matrix remains a world-leading 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) application for jewelers around the world. This most recent release of the product includes seamless integration of our proprietary organic modeler, the new Clayoo 2.5. What many may not realize is the collaboration that occurred across multiple states, continents, and time zones to ensure this release and integration occurred! In addition to Clayoo 2.5, the team has built in new features and functionality to help Matrix designers enhance their creativity, productivity, and profitability.

We will be sharing more details (and sneak peek videos!) soon of all of the new features in Matrix on the new webpage dedicated to Matrix 9.0 at:

Upgrades are available now via the webpage and in the coming days, we will begin shipping Matrix Version 9.0 for new orders.

With this Matrix release, we are also excited to announce the new Gemvision Labs user group. We want Gemvision Labs to be a source for exclusive, early access to new features that you can test and then share your feedback directly with the developers. The first “Work in Progress” release in Gemvision Labs is the updated Matrix Web Viewer to help you share designs with your clients interactively via the web.

Without a doubt, the past four months have been a lot like drinking from a firehose for me and I remain humbled to be part of such an amazing team. From where I sit today, I see tremendous talent among the team, tremendous value among the products, and tremendous opportunity for where we all (us and you) take the jewelry solutions of the future. While my journey has just begun, this week’s product release is a continuation of our commitment to deliver technological solutions to existing and future customers.

In many ways, I can truly say we are just getting started!
Douglas S. Menefee
Stuller/Gemvision Vice President of Business Solutions

Matrix 9.0