Meet the Team

Gemvision Employees

Name Title
Craig Amundsen Sales Director
Travis Aucoin Software Development
Matt Bennett Special Projects
Wes Bennett Revo Technical Support
Tim Brown Sales Director
Christopher Burger International Business Development
Alyson Dronet Sales & Customer Service
Chris Hancock Software Development
Ben Haycraft Technical Support and IT Services
Gordon Jefferyes Software Development
Brock Jolet Technical Support
Tammy Kelly Operations Manager
Doug Kerns Sales Director
Ashley Marks Sales & Customer Service
Judy Elkins Operations & Administration
Amber Meaux Operations & Administration
Andrea Meullione Training Registration
Mike Muller Software Development
Albert Oldfield Software Development Manager
Daniel Otten Education Development
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable
Mike Rung Technical Support
Jed Segura Software Development
Daniel Smith Software Development
Jason Stevenson Software Development
Kent West Special Projects
Andrew Zavala Technical Support