Matrix is the only CAD choice for serious jewellery designers.

Matrix Interface
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Matrix is

  • multiple award winning …
  • used by the world's most famous jewellers …
  • taught at over 55 schools and universities …
  • the most advanced tool for jewellery creation ever developed …
  • the only choice for serious jewellery designers.

Matrix is also different.

The entire Gemvision approach to jewellery design software is different. Everyone recognizes the growing role of computer technology in the creation and selling of jewellery. But who do you trust to take your business to the next level as a partner in your long-term CAD success? We don't just sell software, we give you the tools and knowledge to innovate and improve virtually every aspect of your business.

How it Works

1 Start by designing your CAD file in Matrix

Matrix provides jewellery-specific and jeweller-friendly tools to design virtual 3D jewellery on screen and create photo-realistic images of your designs. It combines the raw CAD power of Rhino 3D, the organic modeling of T-Splines, the stunning render images of V-Ray, and our own proprietary technology to create the ultimate 3D jewellery creation tool.

2 Then use any of these methods (or a combination of these methods)

Outsource CAM

Send your CAD file to a service provider for CAM output or even casting. They ship back your casting or model.

Do Your Own CAM

Produce a wax model of your CAD file using your own CAM machine such as the Revo540CX. Then cast it yourself or outsource it.

Build it Yourself

Visualize the design in Matrix then hand carve and fabricate it yourself at the bench.

Who it Benefits

Take control.

Owner + Manager

Take control.

Don’t let volatile metal and gem markets control your business. Gemvision solutions deliver an exceptional buying experience without the high risk of physical inventory. Design in “virtual” metal and make the sale first.

Save time.

Bench Jeweller

Save time.

Speed up your setting time by pre-notching prongs and other benefits of 100% dimensionally accurate jewellery. The precision of jewellery created in Matrix also requires much less correction and clean up.

Be creative.


Be creative.

Create fully custom designs for customers or express your own creativity with a line of virtual jewellery. Matrix lets the process take many creative paths. Stunning photo-realistic images then bring your designs to life.

Get inspired.


Get inspired.

Excite your current customers to restyle old gems and jewellery. Attract new customers with a personalized, memorable buying experience and become a true custom design destination in your market.

Product Features

Create seductive renders.

Make your designs come to life with V-Ray for Matrix – the award winning rendering engine built right into Matrix. The Render builder lets users at any skill level create stunning, photorealistic images that utilize sophisticated effects like depth of field, caustics, and special lens effects.

Gain total control of your gems.

Whether you are remounting customer gems or creating a new design from scratch, Matrix offers the largest array of tools for laying out and adjusting gems. The sophisticated Pavé tool allows beautiful flowing patterns over the most demanding surfaces. See real-time total weights displayed on-screen with Gem Reporter.

Speed up your creativity with Builders.

Rely on the jeweller-friendly Builders in Matrix to provide step-by-step menus that guide you through the creation of common jewellery designs and components. This video example explores the Builders of the popular and profitable custom design category of Signet Rings and Award Rings.


Change the rules of CAD with T-Splines.

Create flowing organic shapes using T-Splines technology integrated right into Matrix. This new approach to CAD elicits the look of luxuriously fluid jewellery without the labor of building the model curve by curve. A T-Splines library of common and helpful models speeds up design time.

F6 Mode

Access common tools with just one key.

When performing a common function, Matrix gathers all the most useful tools together in one customizable menu and lets you access them with just one push of the F6 key.

Shade Modes

Preview looks help you design and sell.

Surface design, technical inspection, and finished presentation all require a different display mode. Matrix offers multiple on-screen looks that make whatever you are doing easier to see.

Make it all sizzle with enhanced presentations.

Matrix lets you take your stunning photo-realistic jewellery images even farther. Add glamour and life to any render with Sparkle Builder. Animation Builder helps you set up and create moving animations. And Matrix Viewer lets your customers see and interact with your 3D designs.

Apply quick and consistent looks with Style Sheets.

Many Matrix tools feature our exclusive Style Sheet functionality that allows you to apply the same carefully-crafted look automatically to multiple design elements like heads, channels, and settings.

History changes are built into every part.

History allows you to change and update a design at any time. Our History is automatically contained within the parts you build and is only one click away.

Library items make for quick builds.

Many times the basics of a design is a standard part or profile. Matrix offers flexible library parts that you can use as is or quickly edit it to make it just right.

Convenient gem ordering and manufacturing from Stuller.

With Gemvision’s strategic partnership with Stuller, you can order diamonds and gemstones from the largest DTC Sightholder and fulfillment house in the USA right from the software. Also link directly to Stuller CAM Services for easy manufacturing.

See weight calculations at any time.

Matrix uses advanced 3D technology and the specific gravity of precious metals to accurately tell you how much your design will weigh in a variety of metals.

Turn 2D art into 3D designs.

Integrated right into the software, Matrix Art is a fully-featured height field from bitmap modeling tool program is integrated into Matrix.

Matrix 8 Intro Video

A round table discussion describing some of the new features in Matrix 8. Jeff High, Travis Serio, Matt Bennett and Kent West talk about the direction Matrix 8 is taking in the marketplace and what new functions Matrix 8 will have to keep it current and powerful for jewelry design.

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