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Gemvision works hard to protect your investment, and we take software piracy very seriously. We work closely with partners and government agencies around the world to prevent software piracy. When you purchase an authorized software license, you become a member of the Gemvision family and your purchase helps us continue to develop award-winning innovative products for the jewelry industry.

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We provide amnesty to anyone who comes forward wishing to purchase a legal license. To prevent any fines or legal costs in excess of the license costs, sign up today to get a legal license. Gain real advantages by purchasing an authorized license including a fully functional program, technical support, training, access to our user forum, and software upgrades and patches.

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Are there penalties for pirating software?

The Copyright Act allows a copyright owner to recover monetary damages measured either by: (1) actual damages plus any additional profits of the infringer attributable to the infringement, or (2) statutory damages, of up to $150,000 for each copyrighted work infringed. The copyright owner also has the right to permanently enjoin an infringer from engaging in further infringing activities and may be awarded costs and attorneys’ fees. The law also permits destruction or other reasonable disposition of all infringing copies and devices by which infringing copies have been made or used in violation of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights. In cases of willful infringement, criminal penalties may also be assessed against the infringer.

How can I tell if software is fake or counterfeit?

Counterfeit or pirated software is reproduced by someone other than the company that owns the copyright or its authorized dealers. It may look legitimate but it is offered at an extreme discount. Some indicators are:

  • The software does not look official. For example, the packaging is low quality and unprofessional.
  • Lack of documentation or manuals.
  • The price is significantly below retail value.
  • The serial code has special instructions for installation.

Do copyright laws apply on the internet?

Yes. Downloading, uploading, or distributing software through the internet without authorization of the copyright owner is illegal and can carry penalties as high as $150,000 and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.

What are the risks of buying pirated software?

Purchasing pirated software has significant implications. In addition to the penalties and criminal actions, software piracy increases the cost of software for all legitimate users. Other risks include:

  • Increased frustration because the software will not function properly
  • No upgrades, updates, documentation, training, or support
  • Exposure to computer viruses that can destroy valuable digital assets
  • Fines and criminal prosecution
  • Embarrassment potential if caught
  • Drives up the cost of legitimate software
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Can I purchase legal software online from a company that is not related to the copyright owner?

Authorized Distributors are legal re-sellers of our products. To determine if the seller is legitimate, contact Gemvision. If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is, and you should avoid these websites. Downloading illegal software can lead to computer viruses and credit card fraud. Software pirates do not operate with a high moral compass. Look out for these warning signs:

  • Instructions not to register the software
  • Academic, Educational, or Not for Resale verbiage

Who benefits from copyright law?

Copyright laws protect innovation. Software companies invest large amounts of labor to provide business solutions to the consumer. Without copyright protection, it would be impossible to innovate and provide advancements in technology that the industry relies on to enhance productivity and increase profits.

Is it legal to create a copy of software that I purchased?

Yes. Making a “back-up” copy of legal software for archival purposes is legal for purposes of "maintenance or repair". It is illegal to make copies of software for sharing or distribution purposes in which case you may face a civil suit as well as criminal liability including fines and jail terms.

What is the benefit of purchasing legal software?

  • Fully functional program
  • Access to technical support and training
  • Access to the Gemvision Forum
  • Upgrades, patches and service releases
  • Being a part of a community of jewelers who drive the development of future versions

If my employer instructs me to install illegal software who is liable?

Under “vicarious liability”* stipulations of the US Copyright Act, an employer is liable for acts committed by its employees when those acts are within the scope of their employment duties. Another theory of liability is the doctrine of contributory copyright infringement, whereby a party who does not do an infringing act but who aids or encourages it is liable for the infringement. If you were instructed by your employer to install software on your company’s computer(s) in violation of — or in excess of — the software licenses, you may want to inform your employer of their obligations under the copyright law. If your employer is not responsive or you choose not to inform your employer of the violation, you should report the violation.

*When one person is liable for the negligent actions of another person, even though the first person was not directly responsible for the injury. For instance, a parent sometimes can be vicariously liable for the harmful acts of a child and an employer sometimes can be vicariously liable for the acts of a worker.

Can I download a version to evaluate as long as I don’t use it for commercial use?

No. For an online demonstration on how our software works register for a webinar.

Can I purchase a single license and load it onto several machines?

Yes, however you can only run the software on one machine at a time.

Can I rent a piece of software from a store or online?

No. U.S. Copyright Law prohibits the rental, leasing, or lending of software without the express permission of the software publisher.

Can I give or sell a “backup copy” of a licensed program to other people?

No. A “backup” is to be used for “archival purposes only”.

What should I do if become aware of a person or company that is using illegal software?

Report software piracy here. You can remain anonymous.

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