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Matrix System Requirements

Computer Type

  • Laptop and Desktop computer systems, with mouse and keyboard, are the only computer systems that can run our products effectively.
  • Tablet style computers, such as the Microsoft Surface, are not recommended.

Tablet style computers are popular for their compact size and portability, but at this time they do not have the recommended hardware performance, especially graphics cards, to run our products effectively. You may be able to install and run our software, but the experience will likely be very slow and limited. Additionally, our software is not designed to utilize a touch screen interface and must use a mouse and keyboard.


  • Minimum: Intel i5 Quad Core 2GHz or higher
  • Recommended: Intel i7 Quad Core, 2GHz or higher (Preferred for increased performance in rendering)
  • Intel Xeon Series processors are not recommended.

Matrix is a very processor intensive program, so getting a fast processor is the best way to increase your performance. We do not recommend the i3 chipset for Matrix as they are only dual-core entry level processors in the ‘i series’, and are meant more for low-power mobile platforms. While you can find a suitable computer with an i5 chip, if you plan on doing a lot of rendering, animations, or multi-tasking, the i7 would be a better option.


  • Minimum: 4GB
  • Recommended: 8GB - 12GB or more

Matrix is a 64bit program that can use as much memory as your computer has available. Generally 8gb is plenty for most designers, however, if you plan on using your computer for more than just Matrix, more memory would be helpful.

Graphics Card (GPU)

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX with minimum 1GB of Video RAM
    • Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce 700 Series (GTX 750, 850, 950, 1050)
    • Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce 1000 Series(GTX 1060, 1070)
  • NVIDIA Quadro GPUs not recommended supported

Gemvision only recommends the GeForce Series of NVIDIA Graphics cards. Visit NVIDIA’s website for detailed descriptions of the various models. Please contact Gemvision technical support if you have any questions.

Operating System

  • Supported Operating Systems for Matrix 8 or Matrix 7.5:
    • (64-bit) Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate
    • (64-bit) Windows 8/8.1 Standard, Pro, or Enterprise
    • (64-bit) Windows 10
  • Matrix is ONLY supported in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish versions of Windows
  • Matrix 6/6.3 will not operate on Windows 8/8.1

Hard Drive

  • Minimum: 120GB free main hard drive space
  • Recommended: 512GB SSD with 1TB HDD
  • The complete Matrix installation will take up 10GB of free space on your Hard Drive. As you begin designing and incrementally saving your work, it will start to take up space quickly, which is why the hard drive sizes above are suggested.

Monitor Resolution

  • Minimum: 1440 × 900
  • Recommended: 1920 × 1080 or higher

4K and UHD resolution monitors are increasing in popularity and Matrix 8 and Matrix 9.0 are designed to work well with these displays. Higher resolution, however, will require higher graphics card performance to display Matrix properly.

Some monitors may have other resolutions that will work for you. Native Resolution is the number of pixels that the monitor was made with. Flat panel monitors are available with almost any Native Resolution but must be run at that setting or else the display will be blurry.

A 21 inch monitor is a comfortable size for most people, but if you present to a customer who is looking at the screen from a distance, a 24 inch or larger monitor might be more effective. Desktop and laptop monitors vary in display appearance and quality – it’s best to visit a store so you get a feel for the monitor before deciding on a size and resolution.

Recommended Anti-Virus

  • Windows 7: Microsoft Security Essentials (Download)
  • Windows 8: Microsoft Defender (comes with Windows 8)
  • Windows 10: Microsoft Defender (comes with Windows 10)
  • Due to incompatibility issues outside of our control, Gemvision does not recommend the following Anti-Virus programs: Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, and Avast